International Distributors

Austria, Switzerland, Germany

We are excited to be partnering with ArtRock for easier access to our products in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland!

Australia (Hangboards)

Please check out Climbing Anchors for purchasing our hang boards in Australia!

Australia (Tension Boards)

Please check out Climb ICP for ordering a Tension Board in Australia!

Ph: 0421 204 009


Please check out Nature Climbing for purchasing our products in Scandinavia!


Please check out Frontier Spirits.Ltd/B-PUMP for purchasing our products in Japan!

South Korea

Please check out iGuideKorea for purchasing our products in South Korea!

Contact information:

+82-10-2080-9443 ;

The UK

Please check out Dark Ventures for ordering our products in the UK!

The Netherlands

Please check out Monk for purchasing our products in the Netherlands!