Simple Board


The Simple Board provides you with a concise yet versatile platform for all types of hangboard training.

The modular system allows you to build the hangboard that is just right for you, while also making it possible to upgrade your board as you get stronger without having to buy a completely new hangboard.

*Please e-mail for shipping costs to Alaska and Hawaii*



– A comfortable top jug that isn’t too big or too small, but just right for warming up and general pulling exercises.

– Two custom tapered edges that are perfect for progressive load modification training. Edges so comfortable you can even use them to train pocket grips.


– The same comfortable top jug from the J2015 component for warming up and general pulling exercises.

– A sequence of three edges for minimum edge depth training


Each profile is available in a single 22in piece and pairs of 5.5in pieces

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Profile Type/Size

J2015 (22in.), Cosmetic Defect J2015 (22in.), J2015 (5.5in pair), Cosmetic Defect J2015 (5.5in pair), J1086 (22in.), Cosmetic Defect J1086 (22in.), J1086 (5.5in pair), Cosmetic Defect J1086 (5.5in pair)