Simple Board

Consistent and progressive training is effective training. In order to achieve this, training tools need to be comfortable and easy to use. 

The Simple Board provides you with a concise yet versatile platform for all types of hangboard training.

Every single component contained in this hangboard system was prototyped over and over until we were confident each piece was dialed in. From the custom edge profiles, to the precise angle of the end cap attachments, to the texture on the thumb placements, to the way each component lines up with the next - we toiled over every detail.

The modular system allows you to build the hangboard that is just right for you, while also making it possible to upgrade your board as you get stronger without having to buy a completely new hangboard!

The Simple Board consists of multiple components to help you craft the perfect hangboard set-up.


- A comfortable top jug that isn’t too big or too small, but just right for warming up and general pulling exercises. 

- Two custom tapered edges that are perfect for progressive load modification training. Edges so comfortable you can even use them to train pocket grips.

    • 20mm
    • 15mm

Available as a single 22in. wide piece or a pair of 5.5in. pieces.

(End Caps sold separately)


- The same comfortable top jug from the J2015 component for warming up and general pulling exercises.

- A sequence of three edges for minimum edge depth training

    • 10mm
    • 8mm
    • 6mm

Available as a single 22in. wide piece or a pair of 5.5in. pieces.

(End Caps sold separately)

End Caps

- The Simple Board End Caps are versatile components that accept any bolt-on Tension Climbing hold with a 5in. diameter or less.

- The circular mounting planes are angled at 30° which creates a neutral wrist angle during overhead loading. This design adds a new dimension to hangboard training by reducing wrist strain on certain grip types and facilitating compression training. Keep an eye out for new holds being released specifically for use on the Simple Board End Caps!

(Holds sold separately)

The Story


We set out to design a hangboard system based around how we and our athletes actually train

We stripped away all the superfluous grips that distract from what we believe are the most useful elements of an effective hangboard.

What we were left with were two wooden edge components: The J2015 and the J1086.

The J2015 has a warm-up jug as well as 20mm and 15mm edges. The 20mm and 15mm edges have a custom taper that we spent weeks prototyping and tweaking to achieve what we felt was the most comfortable set of edges for Direct Load Modification training for all edge grip types and pockets (yes, even pockets). 


What is Direct Load Modification training? Well, it’s just a fancy way of saying: If it’s too hard, subtract weight with a pulley system or bands. If it’s too easy, add weight by using a weight vest or weight belt. This makes training more effective by giving the climber direct and precise control of the load for a given grip type.


The J1086 has a warm-up jug and then an edge progression of 10mm, 8mm, and 6mm. This component was made specifically for advanced climbers to train Minimum Edge Depth on very small edges. 

The End Caps for the Simple Board came about as part of a quest to train grip types that we always felt were “tweaky” on more traditional hangboards. We realized that most of the issues had more to do with wrist position than anything else and designed the End Caps to mount holds at an angle that would result in a neutral wrist position while hanging. You can bolt-on any Tension climbing hold with a diameter of 5in. or less, opening the door to training different grips like slopers and crimps. Keep an eye out for new holds being released specifically for use on the Simple Board End Caps!


We are currently finishing up production of the Simple Board components and will be taking pre-orders SOON!