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Denver, CO, 80229

Wooden climbing holds and training tools.



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Will Anglin


The successful completion of a climb without weighting the rope or touching the ground.

I find that the relationship between the climber and the send is one of the most fickle, loaded, complex, and misunderstood aspects of climbing.

The send is what we covet most. It represents WHY we do what we do. Finally cashing in all the blood, sweat, time, and frustration for that fleeting moment of glory. You clip the chains or stand on top of the boulder, and for a moment the relief is intoxicating…right?

The funny thing about sending is that as immediately as you feel the satisfaction of completing a climb, you realize that it is over and the actual act of getting to the top really isn’t that important at all…or wait, it’s super important… Or why would I climb? no no, if I think it's important then I must have a big ego and that’s bad… it’s about being in nature! But wait…sometimes I top out to a symphony of diesel trucks on the highway that I’m right next to… wait… why do I do this!?!?

See what I mean? It’s complicated.

One of the biggest lessons I have learned (and continue to learn over and over again) about climbing and myself I have learned by answering the question “why”. 

Why train? Why send? Why do I care? Why don’t I care?

I know why now, but it took 15 years of asking the question to find out.

Nope, I’m not going to tell you.

Partly because you don’t talk about Fight Club, and partly because it doesn’t matter to you and you don’t need to know why I do anything (and I mean that in the nicest possible way, I promise).

YOU want to know why YOU do it. Or maybe you don’t, that’s fine too (is it?).

I can tell you this though: Asking the question is part of the answer.

“That’s mad cryptic yo!”

Or whatever the youth say these days.

Watch more kung-fu. It's the same story we've been telling for ages.

 Bruce Lee and Ip Man

Bruce Lee and Ip Man

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