It is our belief that potential is realized not only through sheer will but also through available time and opportunity.

In an effort to help push for greater inclusion and diversity within our sport, we have reimagined our athlete team to better allocate our resources towards that goal. This new structure will center around a small number of athletes each year. These athletes will embody a passion for climbing, community, and progression.

The new year-long team structure will be centered around a small group of individuals who:

  • Have a strong drive to reach their goals
  • Are eager to tell their stories
  • Closely align themselves with Tension’s values
  • Are passionate about giving back to their climbing communities
  • Are dedicated to training and progressing at their chosen facet of our sport


During the year, the athletes chosen for the program can expect to receive:

  • Funding for travel, competition costs, or other expenses related to accomplishing their goals
  • An allocated amount of free Tension product
  • Opportunities to work with other teammates on training regimens and goals
  • Invitation to Tension Team events (Travel/COVID restriction dependent)
  • Exposure on Tension’s Instagram/website


Once the year is completed, we welcome these athletes to continue to be a part of our usual athlete team. This will then re-open the opportunity for a new group of athletes to start the process again the following year.

It is our hope that by creating a new structure for our athlete team, a greater number of individuals will have the chance to meet goals that were previously out of reach. Anyone is welcome to apply, and we’re looking forward to reading applications and getting to know new athletes!





Tension Team Application
Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of the Tension Climbing Team. The application will be open to US Residents until Nov 1st for those 18 years and older. Please allow us a few weeks to respond. Further questions can be submitted to
In your answer, please describe: Your goal(s). How do you plan on working towards each goal. How Tension Climbing can help you accomplish each goal. Do you have any initial ideas about how you would like your story to be told (photos, videos, blog posts, poetry, etc.)?