The Tension Board App

Available on both iOS and Android, the Tension Board app from Aurora Climbing offers a full line up of features to enhance your climbing session.

Add your Tension Board:

Set your wall size, angle, and included sets.

Access the Database:

The Tension Board hosts tens of thousands of climbs on seven different angles from 20-50 degrees overhung.

Climb Screen:

View a display of the selected climb and access controls for: Instagram beta, board angle, LED Illumination, mirror feature, ascent logging, tag climb to circuit, add to favorites, show more climb options, and display detailed climb and ascent information.


Use the “Search” feature to search for climbers, climbs, and circuits from different users.


Manage your notification preferences to keep up with ascents of climbs you’ve set, when users you follow set new climbs, etc.

Create Circuits:

Tag climbs and create your own circuits to quickly access your favorite climbs.


Access your logbook, circuits, and follow other users.


See detailed breakdowns of your ascent history over time.