Welcome to Tension Climbing

Established in Denver, Colorado in 2015 by three climbers with a passion for quality and a maniacal dedication to the sport, Tension Climbing was founded on the idea that good design enhances the climbing experience.


It's not just a tagline.

Climbing is a unique activity that forces us to face challenges beyond performing on the wall.

Being in wild places. Protecting our resources. Taking personal responsibility for our safety and the safety of others.

Climbing requires understanding, integrity, respect, and you guessed it... honor.

So whatever you do at the crag or the boulders, whether you send, fail, progress, or regress, do it with honor.

So why wood?

We're glad you asked.

At Tension Climbing we work to design and manufacture the best equipment possible by utilizing material that best suits each product.

For training holds and hangboards, wood offers a less abrasive option for those looking to maximize their training while keeping skin in top condition.

All of our wood products are crafted from locally sourced American hardwoods and are machined and finished in-house here in Denver, Colorado.

The manufacturing process is nontoxic and chemical-free, and the holds are biodegradable.

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