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Performance Items

All of our hangboard are made from solid pieces of poplar wood for a consistent, durable, and comfortable training experience. Each hangboard was designed from the ground up to satisfy the requirements of a broad range of climbers and specific training and climbing scenarios. Whether you are looking for a more traditional wall mounted hangboard or a portable option for training on the road, in an apartment, or warming up at the crag, we have a solution.

Campus Rungs

The campus board is a standard training tool for advanced climbers. Our rungs and campus holds combine subtle and obvious design elements to increase ergonomics in order to provide the next level in campus board training.

Tension Board

The Tension Board was designed to provide a unique and tailored training experience by combining comfortable wooden holds, an adjustable wall, and a mirrored layout to help climbers of all abilities self-assess and improve.

Broken down into multiple sets and size options, there are Tension Board set-ups available for a broad range of ability levels and space constraints.

So why wood?

We're glad you asked.

At Tension Climbing we work to design and manufacture the best equipment possible by utilizing material that best suits each product.

For training holds and hangboards, wood offers a less abrasive option for those looking to maximize their training while keeping skin in top condition.

All of our wood products are crafted from locally sourced American hardwoods and are machined and finished in-house here in Denver, Colorado.

The manufacturing process is nontoxic and chemical-free, and the holds are biodegradable.