Welcome to Tension Climbing

Established in Denver, Colorado in 2015 by three climbers with a passion for quality and a maniacal dedication to the sport, Tension Climbing was founded on the idea that good design enhances the climbing experience.

Ben Spannuth, an elite sport climber and boulderer with a Masters Degree in Integrative Physiology, who doesn’t have a dog, but always seems to have a dog...

Will Anglin, an intensely focused climber with over a decade of coaching, training, and routesetting experience, who has a love/hate relationship with rules...

Gabe Adams, a long time climber, performance automotive mechanic, and land-speed record holder with a tireless work ethic, who never stops moving and sometimes wears a cow-bell so people can find him...


Wood offers a less abrasive option for those looking to maximize their training while keeping skin in top condition.

All of our products are crafted from locally sourced American hardwoods and are machined and finished in Denver, Colorado.

The manufacturing process is nontoxic and chemical-free, and the holds are biodegradable.

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